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30 years of experience

The best technology, the best cold

Our history

Tecnofreddo is a technology-oriented trading company within R-HVAC sector. Thirty years of experience lead the company to specialize also in the construction of machines for special plants with the aim of satisfying any market requirement.

Faithful to its extensive expertise in refrigerating field, Tecnofreddo is a well advanced company which focuses on innovative high quality systems capable to achieve improved operational efficiencies, paying always attention to the respect of the environment. As substantial added value, the company comprises a qualified technical staff of engineers to design and to support its customers at all the stages.

Tecnofreddo is a Holding, leader in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, and this thanks to the entities taking part of it: Aerre, specialized in the manufacturing of industrial refrigeration units, and W-Tech which produces dry coolers, evaporative condensers, coolers and cooling towers.

Two independent companies which have combined experience and knowledge into one Group.

Our evolution

Over the years, Tecnofreddo focused on the development of eco-sustainable machines that use natural refrigerants, eco-compatible, as a valid alternative to traditional refrigerants. This range of products is distinguished by the label ECO3; a series of cutting-edge machines built according to an up-to-date production concept, using in-depth technical skills, and designed in compliance with quality standards as well as environmental regulations.

ECO3 is the evidence of the best values of the Made in Italy in terms of creativity, ingenuity and design that Tecnofreddo personifies. This is combined with an international vision and a widespread sales network that allowed the company to expand the boundaries of its business and to export its machines everywhere in the world.

Evo Time

The achievements are not only a reason of pride, but also an incentive to establish other, possibly more challenging accomplishments.

So, year after year the number of employees has grown, the production has increased and the business has reached new markets. Looking at the data of this page it is possible to see the evolution of a Group that works every day to improve itself.

Vision and Strengths

Tecnofreddo aims to satisfy the different needs of its customers and provide innovative and cost effective advanced solutions.

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Green Profile

The know-how of Tecnofreddo team of experts as well as their constant commitment to find technologically advanced solutions, guarantees a range of innovative and cost effective products always in step with the state of the art of the sector.

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