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Case History

Italy-Norway: well-being technology wins.

Tecnofreddo, an Italian company of excellence in the development of cooling systems with low environmental impacts and high energy efficiencies, is back in Norvay. It’s all thanks to a project designed for a new 9200 m2 medical center. The company has supplied a compact and reversibile heat pump using ammonia, the [...]

R1234yf: Tecnofreddo’s environmental choice

Tecnofreddo’s expertise in the construction of refrigeration systems for the food industry has recently been employed to replace some of the plants of a CE.DI METRO of the company S.i.L.O.; part of the CFT Group and national leader in the wholesale sales of food and non-food products to professional activities, [...]

R290 ASHP: A new generation unit

Air source heat pumps (ASHP’s) have many advantages such as: efficient thermal performance, reduced primary energy consumption and a lower overall environmental impact. In recent years, air source heat pump technology has improved in all areas and is these days a viable option even in colder regions. To make the [...]