By the customer side

Tecnofreddo, for years, aims to meet the different needs of its customers, providing modern and tailored cutting-edge solutions. Its target is to identify the real need of its customers as well ensure that the requests of its customers are met. All of this thanks to a wide choice of customizable products, that are – at the same time – innovative, sophisticated in term of tecnology used and energy efficient.


Planning and control.
A detailed and scrupulous analysis of all the stages of the entire production.

Qualified personnel.
Highly professional resources in all the different operating segments hence providing added value to the company’s core business.


Tecnofreddo has always been close to the environment. In particular, the company guarantees accurate attention to sustainability with its wide range of products, designed to minimise energy waste and pollution.

Tecnofreddo invests time and resources in Research and Development in order to create new cutting-edge solutions such as those with natural refrigerants or with dedicated electronics for the specific plants.
The company intercepts market demands and offers constantly updated solutions with advanced products that meet all quality standards.

Tecnofreddo is proud to represent and export its own Made in Italy in the world, in terms of creativity, originality, design, research and reliability.


Tecnofreddo is close to the customer. The company designs and manufactures on request refrigeration units that deviate considerably from the standards focussing on substantial customisation to meet the requirements of all consumers.

Tecnofreddo produces entirely within its own company, guaranteeing the client a single point of contact and the most satisfactory assistance.