Tecnofreddo has recently realized two hydrocarbon chillers for an important firm in the beverage industry, in Belgium.

Refrigeration equipments play an important role in food and beverage production.

Packaging and bottling company Konings in Belgium updated their refrigeration plant on R404A to a more energy-efficient solution. Their choice fell on natural refrigerants to take on more environmentally practise and run their business in a more sustainable manner. Konings is a processing partner for co-packing (filling drinks for third parties) and the production of juices, soft drinks, beers, wines, and spirits. The head office and the largest factory are in Belgian Limburg. Konings also has offices in France, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Thanks to an intense collaboration between refrigeration installation company Cooltech and Tecnofreddo’s distribution partner Beijer Ref Belgium, Konings replaced part of the R404A system with two Tecnofreddo propane chillers.

To meet client specific requirements, Tecnofreddo has provided two external packaged air-cooled chillers, with two independent refrigerant circuits and propane as refrigerant.

Tecnofreddo’s propane chillers belongs to its ECO3 product family. ECO3 is the signature on those machines which use propane, ammonia and carbon dioxide in place of traditional refrigerants. The guiding philosophy behind all ECO3 products is the reduced environmental impact, a better energy efficiency and a great performance across all operating conditions. Propane is in the elite class of valid green alternatives – with GWP = 3, ODP = 0 and excellent thermodynamic properties of heat transport. Propane can in fact absorb more heat, faster; this leads to reduced refrigerant charges, quicker recovery of temperature, low energy consumption and excellent energy performance.

The first propane chiller was supplied to cool the warehouse and provided 150 kW to cool 30% monopropylene glycol from +4°C to -1 °C (refrigerant charge of 14 kg in total). The second propane chiller with 200 kW cooling capacity,  and 2 x 9 kg refrigerant charge, was positioned at the back of the factory for the process cooling of the production line n° 3 with the bottling machine (capacity 40,000 bottles/hour).

The R290 chillers were designed with EC fans and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, mechanically optimized for hydrocarbons and manufactured according to the EC Directive 94/9 / EC (ATEX). The chillers include on-board control panels, manufactured, wired and tested at Tecnofreddo’s factory. To ensure higher level of safety, a general power supply is provided separate from the power supply for the safety instrumentation (leak detector, extraction fans, high temperature thermostat).

A special microprocessor gas detector, with 4-20mA/RS485-Modbus output signal, alarm and fault relay for monitoring flammable gas leaks (ATEX and IEC Ex certified), is located in the compressor compartment. Gas extraction fan (EC) is ATEX certified and in-continuous operation.

The aforementioned characteristics of the chillers show the environmental challenge that Tecnofreddo has decided to undertake, not only for product development today and but also to guarantee a more sustainable future after. Tecnofreddo gained experience translates into products which pay attention to the planet and customers needs, at the same time.


According to Beijer Ref Belgium:

“With the ECO3 air-cooled propane chiller, Tecnofreddo has developed a product range that is widely applicable for indirect space cooling, process cooling, commercial and industrial cooling. The main advantages of this series, with a cooling capacity of 40 to 500 kW and in accordance with ECO design, are customization, flexibility, environmentally attitude and high quality placed on the components such as Dorin HEX compressors, EC fans, high and low pressure protection and aluminum micro-channel condenser. Optimal maintenance is ensured thanks to a wise and service-friendly design with easily accessible components”.

Thanks to accurate design and components specially selected, Tecnofreddo, together with its distribution partner Beijer Ref Belgium, guarantees cutting-edge products, in line with the latest innovations and directives in the refrigeration sector.  As matter of fact, refrigeration sector need to be strengthened and expanded to meet new requirements, help consumers making accurate choices, encourage innovation and good practice, and lead thus businesses and industries to adopt sustainable technologies and processes. It is significantly important building a more sustainable society especially related to economy, social and environment through the technological innovation.