Temperature always under control

The new 214,000 sq ft distribution center includes receiving, picking, dispatch and temperature-controlled areas. The design of the new central chilled glycol system, to serve the temperature controlled area, comprises a central air cooled chiller, stainless steel distribution pipework and associated controls. Tecnofreddo was asked to supply an external packaged air-cooled chiller, to meet the main cooling requirements of this project, employing propane R290 as refrigerant and with two independent refrigerant circuits. .

Efficiency and sustainability with ECO3

To meet client specific requirements, Tecnofreddo has provided its PERSEO/PRMCD line, an external packaged air-cooled chiller, with two independent refrigerant circuits and propane as refrigerant. This line is part of Tecnofreddo ECO3 series, the signature on those machines which use natural refrigerants in place of traditional ones. ECO3 units reduce environmental impact, and improve energy efficiencies and performance.

Control, performance and security

In the PERSEO/PRMCD of the ECO3 series, the specification of each circuit include: micro-channel aluminum coils, EC fans with grid and nozzle, and inverter drives for compressor capacity control. The propane chiller supplied for this application provides 270 kW (135 kW for each circuit) and has a refrigerant charge of 24 kg (in total) to cool ethylene glycol from +6°C a +2°C. The chiller PERSEO, designed with semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, includes a control panel with a programmable logic controller (PLC) designed and programed by Tecnofreddo, a hydronic module including twin inverter driven glycol pumps and a suction/liquid heat exchanger, which it has been show to increase the COP. In addition, components that limit the refrigerant charge and protect against leaks have been selected by Tecnofreddo, as well as safety measures such as ATEX fans, to disperse any leaks that may occur, propane detector and air extraction fans.

A commitment to the environment and future of the planet

The tailor-made solution for the leading logistics provider confirms the commitment of Tecnofreddo in the design and development of technologies able to keep together production efficiency and environmental sustainability. Tecnofreddo is truly committed to investing in natural refrigerant-based systems, and plans to promote and supply this technology over the coming years.