Over the years, and given the growing health awareness among consumers, the food industry has highly evolved to meet the high demands of the market and to maintain high quality standards.

In the food supply chain, refrigeration is used at all stages: from food processing to distribution, retail and final consumption. The various types of refrigeration and the extreme attention to the control of the temperature of the various processes, are essential to ensure the production level and the organoleptic qualities of the product in each production phase. Reliable, efficient, sustainable and high-quality processes are needed to meet the high demand of energy and to be able to manage it in the best possible way.

To ensure competitiveness on the global market and to reduce, at the same time, environmental impacts, the food sector must minimize the use of energy and increase eco-sustainable solutions usage.

To achieve all these objectives, optimizing cooling/freezing systems represents for Tecnofreddo one of the key energy interventions to undertake.

A tailor-made project to increase performance

For a factory operating in the production and packaging of pumpkin in France, Tecnofreddo Srl has developed a completely customized unit capable of fully exploiting the natural resources of the territory, achieving energy efficiency objectives while guaranteeing excellent long-term performance. The coordination of this project was carried out by an important French partner of Tecnofreddo, the company Sarl Seri Froid, based in Isle Sur La Sorgue – department of Vaucluse (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region).

Tecnofreddo has designed and supplied 2 air-cooled propane liquid coolers, of the ECO3 line, with 4 independent refrigeration circuits. Each liquid cooler has a cooling capacity of 390 kW and a refrigerant charge of 17 kg of propane (for each circuit) to cool ethylene glycol from + 2 ° C to -2 ° C.

The French factory is located in the municipality of Isle Sur La Sorgue and covers 5,490 square meters with 15 cold rooms. Furthermore, in the same structure, there are offices, a meeting room and technical rooms.