Tecnofreddo’s expertise in the construction of refrigeration systems for the food industry has recently been employed to replace some of the plants of a CE.DI METRO of the company S.i.L.O.; part of the CFT Group and national leader in the wholesale sales of food and non-food products to professional activities, S.i.L.O is one of the few on the market able to provide effective solutions for the management of integrated logistics throughout the national territory.

Tecnofreddo has carefully considered the technology and refrigerant to be used for the case, which it was based on the type of application, normative context,cost of installation and operation over time as well the future developments in terms of product availability. HFOs, the 4th generation of refrigerants, represent for Tecnofreddo an easily implementing solution and with the correct requirements in terms of environmental impact.

The supply therefore inclued a HFO air cooled liquid chiller with a cooling capacity of 655 kW for cooling a glycol solution at a temperature of -5 ° C. The liquid chiller, which condenses the CO2 of a multi-compressor rack (also supplied by Tecnofreddo) directly cools various consumers (cold rooms and processing rooms) at medium temperature.

The air cooled liquid chiller has been realized with 2 Frascold screw compressors, one of which working with inverter and a modulation range of 30 ÷ 60 Hz (to have a peak power of about 20% where necessary); while the other one is powered by the network. The HFO R1234yf has been used. It has a GWP of 4 and it is classified A2L (according to EN 378-1 and ASHRAE 34) with a “low flammability risk”.

The classification of a “low flammability risk” has involved the adoption of various safety measures such as: leak detector, ATEX classified air extractor (always on). In case of refrigerant leakage, the electronics will block the machine. The R1234yf air cooled liquid chiller has been realized with 2 completely independent refrigerant circuits, in order to have an operational safety in case of failure. The chiller has two integrated evaporator pumps (one in operation + one in stand-by). The management and control was carried out with a dedicated software for the management of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) mod. S7 / 1200 and a MODBUS communication protocol.

Tecnofreddo, always engaged in the development of products with a minimal environmental impact and a high energy efficiency, has realized a new solution that can integrate the great reliability and quality of its products with the innovative use of low GWP refrigerants.