The challenge is to meet growing energy demands and use the energy efficiently throughout the production, processing, storage as well the transport and distribution of food. Cooling and cold storage are direct energy inputs in the food sector. For this reason, otimizing cooling/freezing systems represents one of the key energy interventions to undertake.

Tecnofreddo S.r.l has just commissioned n°2 R290 chillers for an important customer operating in the agri-food sector (conservation, process and packaging of pumpkin, fruits and legumes) in France.

The R290 liquid coolers present a very high level of customization:

– total heat recovery ( 474,4kW)

– alternating operation of condensation (water – with total recovery of the heat produced by condensation – or air, depending on user requirements.

– cooling capacity: 320kW (-4 / -8 ° C)

– n ° 4 piston compressors (inverter with 30-50Hz regulation on each compressor)

– 4 BPHE heat exchangers for total heat recovery

– circuit complete with pumps and control panel (remote monitoring COM for chillers supervision, included)

-all the standard features of Tecnofreddo design.