Latteria Sorrentina, well-known for its excellence in dairy production, has chosen the ‘Nìkē Chiller System‘ to improve the efficiency and quality of its dairy products.

This system has been customised to the specific needs of the dairy factory, ensuring that the ideal temperatures required for processing and storing dairy products are maintained. The system contributes significantly to preserving the freshness and consistency of the products, guaranteeing high quality and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the dairy factory has been able to improve resource management and energy efficiency, while reducing operating costs and its environmental impact. This results in a more sustainable and cost-effective production.

Tecnofreddo chiller has been shown to be reliable in terms of performance. The system requires minimal maintenance and operates continuously, ensuring smooth and continuous production.

Ultimately, the adoption of the ‘Nike Chiller System’ at the Latteria Sorrentina is a clear sign of progress in the dairy sector. This collaboration between one of Campania’s most prestigious dairy companies and Tecnofreddo shows how technological innovation can transform food industrial traditions leading to increased efficiency and productivity and promoting sustainable practices.