🌬️💧Tecnofreddo renovates the refrigeration process in the dairy sector with the new “NÌKĒ Chiller System”!

NÌKĒ Chiller System creates a continuous flow of pure water at 1°C, ideal for the dairy sector. Goodbye to the old ice storage tanks!


With NÌKĒ you can:

🔌 Use a pre-tested plug-in system from Tecnofreddo.

🌱 Benefit from an environmentally friendly system with very low GWP.

💰 Reduce energy costs by up to 30%.

📊 Monitor energy efficiency in real time.


With one ‘NÌKĒ Chiller System’ you replace ice storage tanks with up to 8 million frigours produced in 12 hours. With its modularity, you get the desired cooling capacity.

NÌKĒ efficiency in industrial refrigeration! ❄️🔝 #Tecnofreddo