For CILENTO SpA, a leading Italian dairy company, producing specialty fresh cheese, Tecnofreddo S.r.l has supplied an innovative and high-efficiency solution. An ammonia liquid cooler, in special execution, for the direct production of icy water. This kind of chillers is designed for the direct cooling of pure water at a temperature within +0.5 ÷ +1 °C. The peculiarity of these units foresees its use in those applications where it is necessary to have pure water close to the freezing temperature. The ZEUS/IWC chillers fully replaces the classic “ice bank”, which involved an accumulation of ice in storage tanks. – Application sector: Food – Cooling capacity: 875 kW – Refrigerant: R717 – COP>5 The ammonia liquid cooler, designed with open screw compressors, also includes a control panel with programmable software (PLC), designed and programmed by TECNOFREDDO. In addition, the supply includes a 1250 kW evaporative condenser. An innovative, highly efficient solution, with natural refrigerant, resulting in significant cost savings.