Tecnofreddo, Italian manufacturing company leader in refrigeration, is pleased to share with you its most recent tailor-made project realized for a new regional distribution center in the Midlands of an important drink logistics firm. The distribution center is an important step for Tecnofreddo development and growth in the Beverage field, which aims to strengthen its presence in the United Kingdom through an increasingly faster, punctual and widespread service. We have developed a packaged air-cooled chiller for outdoor installation, that uses a natural gas – propane – as a refrigerant, and with two independent refrigerant circuits, of the PERSEO / PRMCD range. The PERSEO / PRMCD chiller, designed with semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, includes a control panel with programmable software (PLC), designed and programmed by Tecnofreddo, a hydronic module, including twin inverter driven glycol pumps, and a suction/liquid heat exchanger which increases the COP. The system ensures maximum system safety by providing a series of measures to detect the presence of any refrigerant leak. A sophisticated system of the ECO3 series that guarantees maximum capacity, minimum energy consumption and minimizes environmental impacts.