📢 The Sustainable Innovation of the “Nìkē Chiller System” at the Heart of “TENUTA PONTONI” Dairy  🌳

“Tenuta Pontoni” has recently taken a further significant step towards a more sustainable and cutting-edge future with the installation of the new series NIKE by Tecnofreddo.

This recent technical innovation has represented a fundamental change at the core of the dairy sector in general.


Energy Efficiency: Nìkē was chosen for its extraordinary energy efficiency. Thanks to its technical peculiarities and advanced design, Nìkē allows a reduction in energy consumption and related cost savings, contributing to preserve resources and minimize environmental impact.


Pure Water Constantly Chilled at 1°C: the ability of the Chiller to constantly maintain process water at 1°C has been a breakthrough for all the production steps of the dairy factory; from the cooling of the buffalo milk produced in their own farms to the firming of the mozzarella as final result. From whey cooling to cooling the processing and packaging area.

With its installation, the use of glycol in process water is avoided, ensuring the perfect healthiness.


A Step Towards the Future: this installation represents not only an innovative investment for the dairy factory but also a very growing commitment to sustainability in dairy production.

“Tenuta Pontoni” aims to share the authentic taste of true buffalo mozzarella from Campania, keeping traditions alive and responding to the challenges of the modern world.


Thanks to the new “Nìkē Chiller System,” Tenuta Pontoni can continue to offer a very high-quality product while improving its respect for the environment.

The future is bright in dairy sector, and “Tenuta Pontoni” looks forward to sharing the results of this significant technological innovation with its loyal customers!

🧀🌿🌍 #NÌKĒ