Tecnofreddo has just delivered its “Danae” heat pump to a prestigious Swiss client. This state-of-the-art technology will ensure a perfect comfort throughout the year, an efficient way for both heating and cooling.

The reversible heat pump uses R290 as a refrigerant. A new generation competitive solution with a natural #refrigerant with excellent thermodynamic properties, for cooling/heating hotels and warehouses.

⇢N°2 screw compressors

Summer operation

➡️ Cooling capacity 512 kW

➡️ Ambient temperature 35°C

➡️ Temperature brine (in/out)= 12/7°C


➡️ Partial heat recovery: 2 x BPHE (75 kW, temp in/out= +40/+45°C)

➡️ ESEER=3.7

Winter operation

➡️ Cooling capacity 350 kW

➡️ Ambient temperature -5°C

➡️ Temperature brine (in/out)= 50/55°C


➡️ SCOP BT/TN con inverter = 3.758/2.946