Green Profile

Respect for nature and environmental awareness are themes that closely affect Tecnofreddo. Thanks to a careful and significant management of its business, Tecnofreddo acknowledges the strict environmental regulations and makes them an important opportunity for growth: as a matter of fact, Tecnofreddo is continuously engaged in the development of products with a minimal environmental impact and a high energy efficiency, as part of the EU’s strategy to improve the security of energy supply and to create proficient markets for highly innovative technologies.

An environmental choice

It is not possible to look at the future without thinking about the surrounding world.
A concept that has distinguished Tecnofreddo for several years and has led it to realize the ECO3 series: a sign of recognition for those products using propane (C3H8), ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of traditional refrigerants.
The investment in such technologies does not know end, rather it is focused on more efficient solutions also capable of ensuring strong energy and cost savings. There is no good innovation if no beneficial. Today, the gained experience translates into products which, at the same time, pay attention to the planet and customer’s needs.