The ECO3 R717 series has been designed to offer the widest possibility of choice to all the users. All the range is available in several set-up to satisfy the specific requirement of each single project:

The range includes machines with 1 or more compressors in parallel, in a compact design (100kW- 2MW)
ECO3 R717 machines can be realized with both screw or piston compressors
Possible configurations include PHE/S&T/ S&P heat exchangers
The ECO3 R717 series is available in direct expansion (DX) or flooded (FL)
The units are provided with IE3 motors (on request also other class of motors)
The control is managed by PLC with dedicated
software The units can be also supplied without control cabinet
Low refrigerant charge
The series can be for indoor or outdoor installations.
It is possible to supply chillers in explosion-proof, normally identified as Directive ATEX 94/9/EC (optional).


Multi-compressor package for indoor installation


Custom-designed pump skid unit for industrial applications


Liquid cooler for indoor installation


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